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-ing Forms after nouns and adjectives

Some nouns and adjectives can be followed by preposition + -ing form. Nouns/adjectives that are followed by –ing forms cannot normally be followed by infinitives. But there are exceptions to this rule.

  • I hate the idea of getting old. (NOT … the idea to get old.)
  • I am tired of listening to advice.
  • She is good at painting.
  • We are confident of winning the election.

After some nouns and adjectives, we can use either an –ing form or an infinitive. Normally there is little or no difference of meaning. Note that if we are using an –ing form, a preposition is used to connect it to the noun/adjective.

  • I am proud of having won.
  • I am proud to have won.
  • We have a good chance of making/ to make a profit.
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