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Oak Ridge Boys Still Going Strong

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No band is more recognizable to country music lovers than the Oak Ridge Boys. They began performing more than 60 years ago. Joe Bonsall has been with the group since 1973. JOE BONSALL: "Yes, the Oak Ridge Boys are still here, we're still having fun, we're still making new music. Great things are going on." Recently, the four-member group released their 31st album, called "It's Only Natural." William Lee Golden is a member of the group. WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN: "Well it has, like, six songs that are songs we've had before that have been hits with the Oak Ridge Boys and then it has five brand new songs on this particular project. And we also re-recorded 'Elvira.'" The Oak Ridge Boys are celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Elvira" - one of their most-popular songs. WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN: "It went to the top of the country charts - spilled over into pop and rock and roll - went to the top of those. Everybody in America was singing 'Oom-Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow' with uh, and 'Elvira' with Joe and the Oak Ridge Boys in 1981." The next year, the recording industry recognized the Oak Ridge Boys for the Best Country Performance by a Group. JOE BONSALL: "I have to say being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry recently certainly ranks up there among the highest of all of the wonderful things that we've had the opportunity to experience in our career." How does a band stay together for so long? WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN: "I think music has a healing power, actually. And I think that when we are able to sing and work as much as we do and travel as much as we do and sing the songs that we do, that's the highlight of the day, when we get to go on stage and sing together, and, uh, you know, music having that healing power, and also has a rejuvenating power, too." The Oak Ridge Boys have no plans to slow down. I'm Jim Tedder.

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