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For Burmese Rockers, What Will Fewer Limits Mean?

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From http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglishThe government in Burma is taking steps to reduce its controls over media and the arts. The musician who calls himself Darko C says he is pleased with the action, but unsure of the new limits. DARKO C: "Yeah, it's going to take some time to really change, you know. What, so now they reduced the rules a bit, but there are some lame rules about censorship still." Burma's Ministry of Information inspects the words of songs. In the past, officials banned songs about politics, alcohol use or kissing. Darko C says the process can be unpredictable. DARKO C: "To be honest I think, you know, it depends on their mood. They have their personalities, right? Different people doing this job, so it depends on the person who's censoring your lyrics so, you know, you pray to the Buddha, oh please, please don't let them ruin my lyrics." Darko C says his rock band does not have political goals. But he says the group still wants to test its listeners. DARKO C: "Pushing the limit is good. I mean not only to push the government or authority, but I mean to push the people's belief and thoughts." Darko C. says it is a strange time in Burma because of the changes. But he is enjoying it. DARKO C: "We are not sure of ... that we are really, I mean, free and that we really, I mean, like freedom of what? Freedom to express, right? So, we're still not sure." His band is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It looks forward to performing Burmese rock for foreigners. I'm Kelly Nuxoll.

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