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How to do posh English accent, Mouth Exercises

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Many people aspire to having a posh English accent but it is a difficult accent to get right. The reason that many people fail to achieve this prestigious accent is because the posh R.P. variety of English has it's own unique pattern of mouth movements. If you do not exercise your mouth in the correct way, you will not be able to speak with a posh English accent. In this video I share with you some exercises that will help you to attain a posh English accent. The warm up exercises can be used to improve your enunciation and pronunciation in any language, meanwhile the main exercise specifically targets the posh English R.P. accent. With regular training and commitment you will see a noticeable improvement in your R.P. English accent.For Skype private coaching information: http://www.joddle.co.uk/To join my email list for coaching tips: http://www.privateenglishlessonlondon.co.uk/

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