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How to get a clear accent

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When you have good clarity of speech it means that people can understand you well, whatever your accent. If you find that people don't understand you easily, it might not be a problem with your accent. In fact, your problem may be that you lack clarity of speech. When you do not speak clearly it is hard for other people to understand you.People sometimes have a problem with clarity of speech because they speak too quickly. They are not giving the tongue enough time to reach the mouth position needed to make the sound. It may also be because your tongue is lazy or unfit and needs some exercise.Try this speech exercise to improve the clarity of your speech.1. Begin by warming up the tongue and sticking it out and around in different directions.2. Make some sounds while your tongue is sticking out.3. Stick out your tongue and count to 20 while your tongue is sticking out.4. Keep your tongue out and say fruit names as you count to 20. For example, 1 bananna, 2 papaya, 3 orange...Try this exercise everyday for at least two weeks and see if your speech clarity improves.

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