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How to Speak POSH English

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This video is about the way posh people speak in the UK. Being 'posh' typically implies that you are from a wealthy family that is very traditional in its practices and outlook and usually means that you were privately educated and went to a school where there were fees to pay. Although calling someone 'posh' has come to be perceived as a pejorative term, or in other words an insult, I think it's all just part of the incredible range and diversity in the way the English are and the way we speak. It is not a good or bad thing to be posh. However, 'trying to be posh' can be seen as a negative thing. When a person is trying to be posh, they are not acting in a way that is a true reflection of their personality or background; they are acting in a way that is not genuine.The posh accent is often considered by people from outside of the UK as the quintessential accent of England. This is partly because of the international appeal of period dramas and an outdated view of England as a place of tradition and good manners. This misconception is also spread by the fact that in the past, all TV and news presenters in the UK spoke in a posh accent. Today the posh accent is very rare in everyday use and sounds old fashioned to the vast majority of the British public. Even news and TV presenters speak in their regional accents today.In this video I try speaking in a posh way and give you some general tips on how to imitate a posh accent. I also go in to some of the vocabulary that you can add to your sentences to make it sound more posh. There is even some advice on how to hold your mouth to improve your posh accent that works really well for me.These tips and impressions are made from observations I have made from my personal experiences, which you may or may not agree with. This is a bit of harmless fun that aims to give English learners and people from outside of England a general idea on how a section of our society speaks.

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