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Expressions with colours


black and white

MEANING: think of everything or judge everything as either good or bad


” He tries to see everything in black and white although he knows this is impossible.”

black out
MEANING: 1. to darken by putting out or dimming electric lights
2. to lose consciousness


1. During the war people in the cities were forced to black out their windows so that the enemy aircraft could not see them.
2. Suddenly the man blacked out during the parade and had to be helped to a quiet place.

black sheep (of the family)

MEANING: a person who is a disgrace or embarrassment to a family or group


The man is the black sheep in his family and is the only member who has not had a successful career and life.

in the black

MEANING: successful or profitable


The company has been in the black since they began to adopt many new ideas to cut costs.

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